Club armies

Our gaming club have several club armies at our disposal. These can be used at Nærbø or even tournaments if you have recieved permission. 

Club armies

Space marines

We have painted up a Space Marines. It is built as Salamanders, but can be used for most factions and be competitive.


We painted up a Necrons force. We have most of the units in the necrons army. Can be built almost as you would like.


Is under painting or building.

Stormcast eternal

Known as Orc-cast. Built in the army.

Gloomspite gitz

Gunnars gloomspite is avilable to be rented.

Ogor Mawtribes

Sponsoed by Gamezone.

Grey knights

To be repainted.

Adepteus Mechanicus

Sponsored by Adrian.

Imperial Knights

Sponsored by Adrian.

Sponsors of our armies