About Us

Norsehammer is a warhammer community from Jæren in Norway. Norsehammer was founded as a group of friend playing 40k and has evolved to be one of the biggest warhammer communities in Norway


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We stream live several weekends each month. For our schedule check twitch or facebook.


We have a Norsehammer discord server.


Norsehammer is a tabletop gaming club located in Rogaland / Stavanger /Jæren.

We focus on building the community and strengthen all aspects of the hobby. We have people who are willing to help you on the way in any part of the hobby.

We are also a tournament hosting gaming club. In charge of Norsheammer Open (armacon), Norsehammer Team Tournament (Pulpit Rock TT) and other small tournaments.

The History

Norsehammer started out as a group of friends that played Warhammer 40 000 in the basement at Nærbø, south from Stavanger in Rogaland. As Frank and Belge especially had desires for comepetitve play and attending tournaments they started traveling and hosting small tournaments at Tommy’s. This with posting videos on youtube started growing the community around Tommy’s house as a club house.

Even tho it was Frank and Belge who started traveling and opening doors, it was Tommy and Leif Kenneth who did all the groudwork with terrain and having a location to meet at.

Soon people like Nico, Daniel, Henrik etc started taking contact and we grew from a small group of friends to a community traveling to tournaments together and having alot of fun.

Back in 2014 we also took charge of Armacon, a 18 man 3day tournament that today is a 120+ man tournament still hosted by us.

A few years later Gunnar & Kristoffer joined the club, 2 people who wanted to help us grow as a club, and had ideas and impact to make those ideas happen. Without those 2 we would still be a club hosting a 25man tournament.

The history is not yet finished, and with new people there may come new ideas that we will welcome!


Througout the years we have changed both name and logos. As you can see here