Due to Covid-19 restrictions we have to exted the period for round 1 of to 25th of April. We hope for your understanding for this.

We also want to specify some terrain ideas and setups. As we “T.O.s” wont be there to check tables, and do the setup we want to share our ideas and other setups.

How we in Norsehammer set up terrain:

  1. You should be able to hide almost all your forces during deployment against directed fire, even after the opponent moves.
  2. A player shall not be able to move up and take board controll in the center of the table and all objectives without beeing punished by lines of fire.
  3. Objectives should not be in completly in blos or in blos (blos = block line of sight). It may be covered by walls, but there should be possibilities for angels to shoot in.
  4. All this does not say it should be open in the middle, but you should not be able to park your army in the deployment zone and shoot across the table, or shoot everything in the middel, and there needs to be punishable terrain for both parts.

Remember that both parts are responsible for the terrain setup.

To much terrian and the close combat army gets an advantage.
To litle terrain and the shooting army gets an advantage.

Terrain is important, so discuss it before you play to get the best possible play experience.

Norsehammer Open 2021 top table terrain

Please note that terrain setup below is also based on 8th edition and ITC missions. Terrain needs to be suited for the mission and deployment using the ideas above.

Others setup

There are alot of people having opinions on the setup online. WTC is one of them and they have gained alot of prais for their setup. Also there are Las Vegas Opens 8th edition setup that still works ok for the most parts, there are some issuees at some deployments such as the one with longside vs longside where you can get angles quite easy, so please adjust accordingly.

WTC terrain setup can be found here

Las Vegas Open Terrain setup can be found here