In the coming months we want to try and activate the community to be more social and play some Warhammer. With the Corona situation it’s still hard to host any form of events, and therefore we have had to get a little creative.

We are hosting a club championship for each gaming system, starting with Warhammer 40K.

It will be a knockout round system that we run on Challonge (more on that later). It will be free to attend and it’s for both paying and non-paying Norsehammer members. Basically if you are a Norsehammer club member you can attend the “event”.

We encourage games to be played in game stores, and suggest Victory Point as they have suitable terrain. However, you and your opponent are free to play your game wherever you would like. You have 1 month to play each round when they are started. The final chance to play the assigned game will be the last Saturday of the round. If you can’t attend the victory will be given the opposing player.

The Semifinals and finals will be played at Nærbø on stream on the same day.

General rules:

Price: Free
Signup date: 25.02.2021
Start date: 01.03.2021
Rules: Norsehammer Open rules

Painting rules:

We encourage everyone to have painted models according to Norsehammer Open rules in all rounds. However, this will only be enforced in the semifinal and final. Please read the Norsehammer Open rulepack if you are not familiar.

If you go to the semifinals without following these rules you will lose your spot, and the spot will be given to the person who lost to you in last round and so forth.

With painting rules, we also mean basing rules as well.


We will be playing with chess clocks in the finals. We encourage that they are used during all the games to ensure a fair distribution of time, but the use is only mandatory in the semi-finals and finals.


1 Armylist will be used during the entire tournament. It will be submitted to in either battlescribe-facebook format or 40k app. Note that you are responsible for double-checking if your list is legal.

Submitting date: 26.02.2021


Finals will be streamed. Please note that you then need to be on stream to attend finals. If you don’t wish to be shown on stream your spot will be given to the person who lost to you in last round and so forth.




Challonge is a pairing system, what is cool about it is that you can see the knockout bracket and make predictions before the event starts on who will win etc. So before we start the event we can guess who will win it.