In the darkness between the stars only fragile stands of communication keeps humanity connected. The chatter between visiting ships is the only sign most will ever see that there is anything alive beyond their own system. In the darkness between the stars the planetary subsystem of Norilisk has stopped transmitting. The regular transports of ore to the Talledus system are weeks behind schedule. No ship that has left for Norilisk has returned. Three standard days ago a vox beacon came into sensor range of the Rouge Trader vessel Cilice Retribution on the far outskirts of the system. The message it carried was short and to the point: “Help!”

On the outskirts of the Talledus System something is stirring. Led by a Night Lords warband, the forces of Chaos have taken the Norilisk subsystem. Entire hives have been culled or shipped into the darkness. It is never clear what the purpose of Chaos is aside from murder and slaughter, but something has drawn them to Norilisk. At whatever cost, they must be stopped. Or aided…..

Join the narrative event at Nærbø on the 16th and 17th of October and fight for the fate of the Norilisk system. The players will be divided into three teams, the Defenders, who for their own reasons seek to aid the forces of Chaos, the Attackers, who seek to stop the forces of Chaos, and the Renegades, who are drawn to Norilisk with agendas of their own. The teams will have to cooperate in order to win control of Norilisk. In addition each player will have his or her own agenda to fulfil in the course of the event.

The event will be played at 2000 points according to the matched play rules. Each player will play 4 matches determined by the TO. In addition to these rules, players will be given “tactics cards” ‘throughout the event which they can use to alter the course of their own games or those of their team mates.


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