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Black and gold Terninger 2021

Limited edition black and gold terninger med 3 sverd.

1 pakke inneholder 20 terninger

Escalation League 2021

AOS Escalation event hold over 4 meetings with prices for painting and helping you build/painting anew army

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Members group

We have a seperate group for paying members. Paying members will get the opportunity to nominate themself for elected member of our leadergroup. Every paying member will vote for a nominated member for Norsehammer each year.

Club armies

We have several armies for both Age of Sigmar and Warhammer 40K at our members disposal in Nærbø. 

gunnar bilde

All our events will be announced and go on pre-sale for our paying members. Normally 2 weeks ahead of release.

Social media


We have an active Facebook site were we post all about events, when and where we are playing and other news. We also have a very active messenger group.


We live stream every other weekend, when we dont have tournament season.


We have an discord server that we do our best to keep active. We root more and more of our Facebook chat over to our discord. We do require people to use real names in our server.

News feed

Streaming 01.05.2021

We will have 2 stream games on Saturday  STREAM INFORMATION First game starts: 15:00 @ 1. May. Second game starts: 19:00 GAME 1 INFORMATION We will be playing Matched play rules We will be Read more…

Streaming 18.04.2021

ED has traveled from Tromsø to Stavanger to get his ass kicked live on stream. We will have 2 stream games on Sunday crushing ED the frostlord formerly known as Fred. ay him, and lists, Read more…

Stream info 10.04.2020

This weekend we are ready with yet another stream game! It will be Belge & Gunnar who are meeting up to play against eachother. Stream is expected to start 17:30.  More information will be updated Read more…


This is the Norsehammer leadergroup. Dont hesitate to contact us.


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